CoffeeDeLux was set up in 2009 to share our passion for quality, fresh ground coffee with the world. In our little Piaggio Ape van (which, due to it’s unique styling and 150cc engine creates a ‘buzz’ where ever it goes!) you will find us most days during the summer months (and at weekends during the winter) set up at the Leeds-Liverpool canalside by Brewery Lane in Skipton. During the week, we visit various local office blocks & industrial estates, bringing that fresh coffee experience right to your door.

CoffeeDeLux is a small, family-run business. We aim to ensure that all the drinks on our menu are produced to the same high standards we would expect when buying premium product. Our customers appreciate a little extra effort - they even tell us their preferences so we can craft their coffee just the way they like it. It’s that personal touch that adds to the complete CoffeeDeLux experience.


Our coffee beans come from Lavazza, one of Italy’s biggest and favourite coffee brands, with well over a century of coffee making experience. The quality of the Lavazza bean is consistently good, and we’ve chosen a roast that appeals to pretty much everyone. You can find out more about Lavazza by clicking here and visiting their website.

Hot chocolate more your thing? Lots of people enjoy our hot chocolate, as we use a rich chocolate sauce from Ghirardelli, America's premium chocolate company for more than 150 years, as the basis of our chocolate drinks. We also use this Ghirardelli chocolate in our Mocha, where it makes the perfect partner for the coffee.

We also serve teas including Yorkshire Tea (of course!) as well as Earl Grey, Green Tea and Peppermint.

Learn more about our drinks menu here.


We understand the need for quality ingredients in a quality product, and also believe in supporting local traders. With that in mind, we source our milk locally and have a proper milkman who delivers to the doorstep of Coffee De Lux HQ fresh every day.

The cakes we sell include a range of products from Burnsall. These cakes individually wrapped, freshly made with top quality ingredients, the perfectly complement your coffee.


You may like your coffee sweet, so we try to ensure we have plenty of Fair Trade sugar on board for those who do. It may be a small contribution to the movement, but you would be surprised how much sugar we use. It's important to CoffeeDeLux to play its part in ensuring global trade provides a fair return to those in poorer countries.

Lavazza also display a strong conviction to social responsibility with their Terra Project, a set up involving three coffee-growing communities in Honduras, Peru and Colombia seeking to enable these highly impoverished communities to improve their living standards and the quality of their coffee, to find ways of selling it on more advantageous and competitive terms, and to achieve greater financial independence, all using sustainable, environment-friendly techniques.

We recycle as much of our waste as we can. Most of our waste is paper and cardboard or plastic. All these are recyclable materials. The used ground coffee is recycled too, but that ends up in our garden as part of a compost!

It’s a matter of taste

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