Fresh ground Lavazza coffee - Italy’s favourite!


The rich coffee extracted from the ground beans, producing a double shot of espresso with a smooth crema on the top.

Caffe Latte

For the milder coffee experience, an espresso-based drink topped with steamed milk to make it tall and finished with a small amount of foam. The Cafe Latte comes in a popular flavoured form by adding one of our syrups; you can choose from a variety of flavours -  most popular are Vanilla, Caramel and Hazelnut.


Espresso base, a third steamed milk and then a third foam. Usually topped with a dusting of chocolate powder, this is one of our most popular drinks.

Cafe Mocha

Growing in popularity, the Cafe Mocha is espresso and rich chocolate combined, topped with steamed milk and finished with a small layer of foam.


A range of refreshing cuppas.

Yorkshire Tea

Good old Yorkshire Tea - a strong flavour that can quench the thirst of any needy tea drinker!

Peppermint Tea

Refreshing and healthy, a peppermint pick-me-up for an uplifting tea experience.

Green Tea

Bought by most for the reputed health benefits, green tea is available for those who prefer a fresh alternative.

Earl Grey

A classic tea well known for its sophisticated blend of teas and bergamot oil.


Indulge yourself! Made with a superb, rich chocolate sauce from Ghirardelli, America's premium chocolate company.

Regular Hot Chocolate

Two shots of chocolate sauce, combined with steamed milk, topped with a light foam and dusting of chocolate powder.

Flavoured Hot Chocolate

Like its counterpart above, but with the added experience of a flavoured syrup

Delux Hot Chocolate

A hot chocolate to fill your boots!  This one’s topped with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and chocolate shavings.  There's so much topping, we need to give you a spoon!


We have a regularly updated selection of freshly made cakes and snacks to complement your drink.


Here is our drinks menu. You can download a PDF version of our menu HERE which includes details of when we visit local office blocks & industrial estates. Why not select your drinks from the menu and pre-order by sending a text to 07904 329 582?